Religious Education Program

St. Aloysius Parish offers two religious education options for students in grades 1-8 who do not attend St. Aloysius School. One option meets on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm for 32 classes, September through May. The other is our HomeSchool Option which is described below. The HSO is particularly helpful for families who live a distance from BG, have young children who struggle to stay awake or stay focused for an evening class and for active middle school and junior high students trying to balance schoolwork and extra-curriculars with Wednesday evening classes. High school students in grades 9-12 should plan to attend SAY (St. Aloysius Youth) on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm. These classes are an important part of each student’s religious formation. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of parents and Church working together to pass on our Catholic faith.

Religious Education Classes for children who do not attend Catholic School begin in September and end in May.

All students in grades 1 – 12 who do not attend Catholic school are welcome and expected to attend classes.

A Registration fee is charged on a per family basis.  There is a discount for early registration and a penalty for late registration. There is a per child sacramental preparation fee for students preparing for 1st Reconciliation, 1st Communion and Confirmation.

Contact Jean Bargiel at the parish office:

  • If you have questions or concerns.
  • If you have not yet registered your family.
  • If you have, or know of, an older child who should be attending classes, but is hesitant to start because they fear they will be behind.
  • If you would like to help with the religious formation of our parish children. We are looking for a few individuals to teach at various age levels and to accompany families who are just coming back to the Church.

Special Invitation to Parents of Children entering the 1st grade.

Now is the time to begin your child’s formal religious education. Hopefully, over the past 6 or 7 years, you have prayed with your children at home and brought them to Mass with you. But even if you have not, this is a great time to start. Pick up a registration form at the doors of Church or on the website, or call Jean Bargiel at the parish office to register your child for Religious Education. We are looking forward to working with you to introduce your child to Jesus in His Church.

Why participate in Religious Education classes?

When our students reach Confirmation age in the 8th grade, we ask them to agree to be part of the Catholic Church. It is really important that they know what we are asking them to do. Even children who faithfully attend weekly Mass with their families need the time and space to examine their religious experiences and make sense of what it means to be a part of the Church. Religious Education classes give children that opportunity to learn about their faith and what happens at Mass. Each year of Religious Education builds on the year before and encourages the children to grow in their faith and understanding. It breaks my heart to watch young teens flounder in misunderstanding when they have not “kept up.” Give your child the gift of understanding by enrolling them in our Religious Education program.  Pre-registration for students in grades 1-12 who do not attend Catholic School will be held during the month of April. Registration continues throughout the summer.

Again this school year, St. Aloysius Parish will provide a formal Religious Education Home School Option for families of children who do not attend Catholic School.

RE home-school families will receive the following support from the parish.

  • 1. Books for children (“Finding God” series from Loyola Press, same series used in Wednesday evening program)
  • 2. Guide for parents (on-line at
  • 3. Access to the “Catechist Library” (at St. Aloysius, videos, background books, etc.)
  • 4. Group meetings 6 times per year – on Sunday mornings – to introduce each unit - After the 10:00 AM Mass (11:15 AM-12:45 PM).
  • 5. Monthly newsletter – emailed to you
  • 6. Email updates on RE events

RE home-school families are expected to do the following:

    • 1. Register as an RE home-school family
    • 2. Attend the 6 group meetings, children and at least one parent. Attendance is considered mandatory. Please contact Jean to make a plan to cover the material if you are unable to attend.
    • 3. Work through the lessons with the children between group meetings & complete the Unit Assessment at the end of each unit (available on-line).
    • 4. Attend weekend Masses
    • 5. Communicate with the Formation Office, 419-352-4195 x113 or
    • 6. Families with students in Sacrament Prep classes will also need to attend the appropriate meetings/classes and complete any additional assignments.
      • a. First Reconciliation: (usually in 2nd grade)
        • i. Parent Meeting on a Wednesday evening in the fall
        • ii. First Reconciliation on Wednesday evening
      • b. First Communion: (usually in 2nd grade)
        • i. Parent Meeting on Wednesday evening, January 29
        • ii. Seder meal, Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015, 5:00 PM;
        • iii. Mass of “Sending to the Sacraments,” on Wednesday evening,
        • iv. Rehearsal/Retreat on a Saturday in April, 9am-Noon.
      • c. Confirmation: (usually in 8th grade)
        • i. Parent Meeting, Wednesday, Sept 17, 7pm;
        • ii. Retreat
        • iii. Classes once a month on Wednesday evenings from October through March 6:30-8pm for student and sponsor or parent.

How is God calling you to share your faith with others?

Both the Wednesday evening Religious Education program and the HomeSchool Option will need catechists and aides each year. If you think you may be interested, please contact Jean Bargiel at 419-352-4195 or email so we can begin training.