2016 Political Election Information and Reminders

In preparation for the national election day, please remember that there are resources available through the Ohio Catholic Conference as well as through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (both pages will be updated during the course of the election season.

There are also a variety of excellent resources available for parishes and schools on the USCCB Faithful Citizenship website and on the election information page of the website for the Ohio Catholic Conference.

It is the policy of the Diocese of Toledo that the only election materials to be shared through the parishes and diocesan institutions are those that come directly from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Ohio Catholic Conference or our own diocesan Chancery. Information left in our buildings or on windshields that is not from the abovementioned sources is not endorsed by the Diocese of Toledo, its parishes or institutions.

It should also be noted that in the Diocese of Toledo we do not make available the use of church facilities or assets for partisan political purposes. This includes the rental of church facilities as well as posting partisan political signage on parish/school/institution property. It is not permissible to display any banners, placards, signs, flyers, etc. depicting any candidate on church grounds or in church/school offices or buildings.

St Aloysius Parish

With over 3000 members, St. Aloysius Church serves the Roman Catholics living in the many communities in and around Bowling Green, Ohio.

Weekend Masses are at 5:30 PM Saturday and 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 12:00 Noon on Sundays. On the first Sunday of each month, Mass is celebrated in Spanish at 2:00 PM. On the third Sunday of each month, the 12:00 Noon Mass is Bi-lingual (English/Spanish).

Weekday Mass is generally at 7:30 AM, Monday through Thursday, with confessions immediately following.  Mass is also celebrated at 7:30 AM on First Fridays. A Communion Service is held on other Fridays.  Additionally, a school Mass is celebrated on Thursdays at 2:10 PM during the school year. This schedule is subject to change; the Weekly Calendar should be consulted.

Holy Day Masses vary and are published in the bulletin and on the Weekly Calendar.











We, the Catholic community of St. Aloysius, guided by the Holy Scripture and Church tradition, with the help of the Holy Spirit, are working toward the Kingdom of God on earth. In faith, we gather for Eucharistic worship and sacramental life; we continue to develop our personal relationships with Jesus Christ; we share love for one another, and we reach out to the needs of others both in our parish and beyond.