Parish School Councils & Committees

The St. Aloysius School Council consists of the Pastor, Principal, and members of the parish and school community. This group is advisory in nature rather than deliberative or administrative. The Council is empowered to offer advice to the administrative team of pastor/principal in all matters concerning the operation and preservation of the school, including but not limited to tuition rates, pay scale and fringe benefits for all teachers and other personnel, the school budget, and purchase of playground equipment and school furnishings. The Council provides a forum for anyone from the parish or school community to be heard. Contact the Council President before the meeting to be included on the agenda. The most important part of the Council's mission is to provide for the future school needs through an ongoing strategic planning process.

The School Development Committee consists of parish/school community members who are interested in securing the future of St. Aloysius Elementary/Junior High School. It is an ongoing effort to improve public relations; to communicate with alumni; to market the school in the community; to recruit and retain students; to keep up and improve the facilities; and to secure long term support for the school ministry in terms of adequate human and financial resources. There is a meeting on the fourth Monday of each month in Clare Hall at 7:00 PM to discuss our progress and to discuss next steps.

The St. Aloysius School Parent Association encourages parental involvement in school activities and fund raising projects. All are welcomed to seek more information and to get involved in the Parent Association's activities.