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Denise Brennan, Director of Religious Education
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Welcome to St. Aloysius’ Family Faith Formation Page!  We cannot wait to pray with you and spend time with you!
Who should enroll?

All families with children entering grades K - 8 who do not attend Catholic school are welcome and encouraged to enroll. Those preparing to receive sacraments must be enrolled in a faith formation program or be attending a Catholic school.

Did you say families?  Don’t you mean children or students?

Thanks for being so observant. Indeed, we did say families. Our program is designed to support and enrich family life. Families—meaning at least one parent or guardian (or designated adult) and all registered religious education participants from that household—will encounter Jesus through our Catholic Faith during the faith formation monthly sessions. Here’s why we want to include parents:

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child's earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #2226)

When reading these assertions from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the roles of the family and parish in their partnership in the faith formation of children are evident. Parents are the primary educators while the parish community holds a supporting role in inviting, educating, mentoring, and walking with children on their journey into full membership of the Church. We are here to support you!

In order to best serve and enrich family life in our faith community, we offer a faith formation program that provides families with spiritual enrichment and support, advances parish faith formation goals, and provides flexibility to meet the diverse needs of families. Thank you for being partners in discipleship with us. 

What are the fees? 

A registration fee for the first child is $60 with a fee of $30 per additional child up to the third child. There is no additional fee for families with 4+ children.  Fees include a Parent Guide and Activity Book per family with additional Activity Books available, as needed. Depending on how a family wishes to use the Activity Book, only one may be necessary. There are no additional sacramental preparation fees with the exception of partial payment for the multi-day Confirmation retreat to Damascus Mission Camp.

Registration Fee, July 1-Sept. 13: $60 for first child and $30 for each additional second or third child. No additional fee for families with four or more children.

Ex1: (Child 1) $60 + (Child 2) $30 = $90 (earlybird = $80)

Ex2: (Child 1) $60 + (Child 2) $30 + (Child 3) $30 + (Child 4) $0 = $120 (earlybird = $105)

  • Early Registration discount: $5 per child May-June 30
  • Late Registration penalty: $5 per child if registering after Sept. 15.
  • All parish families are encouraged to register. Income based scholarships are available.
At what age should we begin?

Hopefully, you’ve been forming healthy faith habits over the past four or five years—praying with your child(ren), attending Mass, and modeling a Christian lifestyle—but, even if these aren’t all habits yet, this is a great time to start. Register by completing the form and submitting payment at or by calling the Director of Religious Formation for assistance. 

How long are students in the parish faith formation program?

The Sophia Press A Family of Faith formation program is designed with students from K-8 in mind and the program begins in early September and finishes in late April/early May. 

As Catholics, we are never done learning and growing in our relationship with God the Father who loved us into being. When our youth prepare for Confirmation, we ask them to continue their Catholic Faith journey as they receive the sacramental grace that fortifies them and fully initiates them into the Faith, but this is far from the end or a graduation of their faith formation. This is truly the first step in governing their personal faith journey and much guidance and accompaniment is needed in supporting their spiritual development and overall well-being. 

The Family Faith Formation program gives parents the support they need as their children’s primary educators in Faith. The program is presented in a four year cycle that aligns with the pillars of catechism instilled by Peter in Acts 2:42: Faith, liturgy/sacraments, life in Christ Jesus, and Christian Prayer. Each year in the program builds stronger faith families and encouragement for children to grow in their own faith and understanding. The more encounters with faith experiences and faith models, the greater likelihood of living and participating in the life of the Church. 

In addition to the Family Faith Formation program for grades K-8, we have a middle grades group SAY FIAT (St. Aloysius Youth Faith In Action Team, grades 5-8) and an active high school group SAY Teens (St. Aloysius YouthTeens, grades 9 -12) where social and faith programming are offered regularly. We are also beginning to offer family-based preschool programming opportunities, such as the Play and Pray events.

When do the formation sessions meet?

Families—at least one parent or guardian (or designated adult) and all registered religious education participants from that household—will meet twice a month.

  • The first session is on a Sunday morning from 9:05AM-10:05AM, conveniently situated between the 8AM and 10:15AM Masses. The focus of this first session is to present content and discussion opportunities for parents/guardians while the children pray and learn together with a catechist and their school-age peers. Presenters for the Adult Gathering will vary to enhance the content being shared.
  • The second session is a Community Gathering and these will typically also be on a Sunday morning from 9:05AM-10:05AM, with a few exceptions, given the particular experience being sought. These Community Gatherings will also often include whole families meeting with other families in small groups rather than children meeting separately. These are designed to build relationships.

What other program details do we need to know?

  • Each family will be provided a Parent’s Guide and a Student Activity Book. These are not really individual workbooks but are more of a collection of activities for families to choose from. You may have more than one student activity book if it suits your family needs better and you may even request one per child, if needed. Those with more than one younger student or with two-parent households, will likely desire two.
  • There are no weekly assessments to complete. In fact, each family will be provided with a poster board and will add to their board each month based on the family activities they complete. For our final gathering in May, groups of families will share their boards and discuss the activities they did together.
  • We will not be using Google Classroom and all communications will be channeled through Flocknote which incorporates email and text messaging. Flocknote provides instant feedback and maintains usage statistics that will allow the parish to better serve families. Please check and respond regularly.
  • Families will have lots of flexibility to choose how, when, and what they do. The goal is to practice faith together, to experience faith in new ways, to learn about God and Jesus through prayer and through others. Families will come to know God our loving Father, Jesus a true friend and our savior, and the Holy Spirit our guide and counselor, in new ways.
  • It is our desire to provide childcare for toddlers and preschoolers during the family sessions though this will be determined according to CDC and local health department recommendations that have yet to be provided. (as of July 21, 2021)
  • Sacrament Prep: There will be additional meeting requirements for sacrament preparation which will be shared with those involved. These will include meetings for sacramental instruction, prayer, experiences, activities, and logistics regarding the sacrament(s) that will be received. Where possible, some of these sessions will be held during the same Sunday morning times, especially pertaining to 8th graders preparing for Confirmation with their catechist or the DRE.
What about COVID? What if we can’t meet?

As in the past, the parish leadership will make decisions regarding any and all health concerns based on recommendations by the Center for Disease Control, Wood County Health Department, Catholic Conference of Ohio Bishops, Diocese of Toledo, and the Governor of Ohio. This faith formation program can be fully delivered and supported remotely, if necessary, with video recordings of Adult sessions and creativity in designing Community sessions.

What is the curriculum?

We are using A Family of Faith by the Sophia Institute for the family faith formation sessions. 

For Sacrament preparation, families of second graders will utilize personalized packets of activities for First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist. 

Seventh and Eighth graders will prepare for Confirmation over a two year period. Seventh graders will utilize the Confirmed in the Joy of the Spirit Confirmation journal while the Eighth graders will also use this journal and the Gifted with the Spirit Junior High edition both presented by Pflaum Publishing Group. Both will work on acts of service during this preparation and will have opportunities to attend retreats. The Seventh Graders will attend the NET Retreat in the Fall with the Eighth graders who will also attend an offsite retreat to Damascus Mission Camp in April, just prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Specifics will be provided at a parent meeting on Sept. 1, 2021.

Additionally, we are fortunate as a diocese to have been gifted a wonderful treasury of faith resources through the FORMED app. Much like Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services, FORMED offers a variety of exciting and informative Catholic programming options for the entire family. There are truly some binge-worthy options to enjoy and some of the programs will be used to enhance the learning sessions and sacrament preparation. Please sign-up to take full advantage of this gift.

How is God calling you to share your faith with others?

Please consider volunteering as a catechist or aide. The more people helping out, the better the experiences, the more faith witnesses to share, the stronger the relationship building with Jesus and each other. There are many ways to get involved, including one-time events. We are looking for a few individuals to share their faith experiences at various age levels or as mentor families for other families who are just coming back to the Church. We are called to be missionary disciples and what better way to evangelize than to share your faith life with others? If you can share your time and/or gifts with us, please contact the Director of Religious Formation to begin a discussion or express interest.

Contact the Director of Religious Education and Youth Formation, if you ...
  • Have questions or concerns.
  • Need help registering your family with the parish or Faith Formation program.
  • Have, or know of, older children who should be attending classes but are hesitant to start for fear of being behind.
  • Have a child(ren) who wants to receive the sacraments of Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, or Confirmation and needs preparation. 
  • Want to plan a quinceanera celebration.
  • Would like to help with the religious formation of our parish children or adolescents.
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