Confirmation is the loving action of the Holy Spirit in our lives and as such requires a loving response from us. The purpose of preparation for Confirmation at the junior high and high school level is to draw forth this loving response from the candidates by helping them to feel and appreciate God’s tremendous love for each of them. If you are an adult seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation, information is available on the Becoming Catholic page.

Preparation for Confirmation is centered around Matthew Kelly's "Decision Point." Students must be attending regular religion classes either at St. Aloysius School or other area Catholic school, at St. Aloysius Wednesday night Religious Education, or with our Home School option. Students meet once per month from October to March and complete four service projects as describe below. Confirmation takes place in the spring at Rosary Cathedral in Toledo. Students choose a sponsor, who stands as the candidate's guide into a fuller life in the church.

Sponsors: Sponsors should be actively living their Catholic faith in order to act as a good role model for the candidate. The candidates should feel comfortable communicating with their sponsor, who ideally shares or complements their family values.
Meetings: Six sessions for candidates and their sponsors or parents are held one Wednesday per month at 6:30-8 p.m. from October to March.
Retreat: Information for the next Confirmation retreat will be coming.
Interview: Candidates complete an interview in January and February with a member of the Confirmation team. This includes a form to be submitted by the parent or sponsor attesting to the candidate's positive attitude and growing understanding of his or her faith.
Service Project: Candidates must take part in at least four acts of service over the course of the preparation year. One act of service will be the candidate's primary focus and involve working with an adult or small group to plan and carry out a project. Primary acts of service must be approved by the Confirmation team in advance. This handout explains the service requirement. The link below lists on-going opportunities for service.
Ceremony: Springtime at Rosary Cathedral in Toledo

Registration forms are distributed through religious education classes in April but can be downloaded here.
Candidates who were not baptized at St. Aloysius or did not make their First Communion here must provide a baptismal certificate.